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Mid-Major Fantasy Team Gives New Names To Winning

The Mid-Major Madness picks to compete with ESPN's Fantasy Draft are doing quite well, as in winning the whole darn thing. This was backed up by a strong Saturday performance. Yeah, #winning.


The 4-Letter GameDay crew took another chance Saturday to celebrate its Fantasy Draft picks that they had made a week prior. The occasion was unfortunately brought on by the very painful looking injury to Nerlens Noel.

So Digger Phelps had another chance to set things right, and pick someone that would help his team win the League. Now keep in mind that Digger was already winning, even with Noel's injury. He could have taken a chance on someone that ... well, isn't as well known?

But that doesn't make for good television.

The GameDay crew was at Kansas and the replacement pick was none other than Jeff Withey (who cemented his future television star status with both his draft table skit, and his know your teammate performance).

That meant that our mid-major team was safe.

In case you missed it, we filled in for all the mid-major fans in the country by picking players that were snubbed by Phelps, Jay Bilas and Jalen Rose -- the third of which at least picked two mid-major players, guys who fell into our no-doubt category.

Our starting five of Ray McCallum, Nate Wolters, Mike Muscala, Jerrelle Benimon and Zeke Marshall, did us well in week one. The first seven days included four 40-point performances according to the scoring system, including two from the Detroit star.

The first week total of 318 easily put the 4-Letter trio in the dust. Digger had 270 points at the end of week one. Rose was next with 267 and Bilas brought up the rear with 254.

That's #winning.

Not to be undone after that first week, the team put up 174 more points on Saturday, which should pretty much keep the mid-major stars in the lead after the second week. We won't gloat yet... well, maybe just a little.

Let's go Mid-Major Madness. We need a name for this Pentavirate, especially for when they win the whole thing.