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Report: Bobby Valentine to be Next Athletic Director at Sacred Heart

Yes, that Bobby Valentine...

Did I do that?
Did I do that?
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

So this might make a few folks in Connecticut spit out their morning coffee. Bobby Valentine is reportedly going to be the next athletic director at Sacred Heart University, according to a report by the Connecticut Post's William Paxton.

Yes, that Bobby Valentine, the guy run out of town by the Boston Red Sox after a single season in charge of the baseball team.

Let's just say that he isn't exactly known for his relationship with upper management.

Valentine will be replacing Don Cook, who is retiring on July 1, and the official announcement is expected to come Tuesday.

The former baseball skipper did everything by confirm the story to the paper:

"An intriguing opportunity has been presented to me and it's something I really feel I can enjoy doing and I feel could be mutually beneficial."

Beneficial? Of course! Think of the marketing opportunities.

There could be "Fake Mustache Night", "No Chicken and Beer Night", "Free Wrap Night".

This is going to be fun.