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Bruiser Flint: "What are you going to do?"

In their seventeenth loss of the year, Drexel continued to find new ways to lose games as they dropped a one-point decision to Towson, who picked up their sixth win in their last seven games. So Bruiser Flint left us with choice words about his team's truly disappointing season.

I'm starting to think Drexel has something against winning.

Every single time they keep a game close enough at the end, they find a way to fail. After this afternoon's 73-72 loss to Towson, the Dragons are 3-8 in games decided by five points or fewer. The average margin of victory in their nine CAA losses this year is 5.1 points. Excluding the 12-point blowout loss against Old Dominion, that number shrinks to 4.25.

As you can see, my thesis is backed by fact.

The strange part is, they don't play like a team allergic to winning. They certainly didn't play like one for much of today's game.

For instance, Frantz Massenat continued his recent hot streak, playing as we had expected him to play all season. In his last 135 minutes of action, he's committed 2 turnovers, and today he scored 24 points with 53.3 percent efficiency.

Meanwhile, Daryl McCoy and Dartaye Ruffin rebounded from their absolutely atrocious games against Delaware on Thursday, scoring a combined 15 points on 7-of-8 shooting, and collecting a tag team total of 11 rebounds.

But they were met by the CAA's soon-to-be Player of the Year, Jerrelle Benimon, who scored 19 points and snagged nine rebounds. They also found Jerome Hairston, who had a career night and scored 20 points on 57.1 percent efficiency.

So you could theoretically make the argument that Towson was purely the better team this afternoon. And yet, with 1.2 seconds left, Drexel was down by just two points, and Kazembe Abif had the chance to tie it at 72 with two foul shots.

He proceeded to miss the first shot and make the second one, completely throwing away any chance of forcing overtime. It was a typical Drexel play from this year's team of exciting but ultimately disappointing Dragons.

I'd give you more analysis, but Drexel head coach Bruiser Flint provided us with the best way to explain what occurred, both this afternoon and all year. So I will leave you with his words:

"We had three wide open three point shots. Three of ‘em! ... What are you going to do, man? I mean, what are you going to do? Just like we said, this game sums up the whole season. We had our opportunities, great opportunities tonight. Those last 14 seconds tonight, can't get no better than that. I told [the players] you know, sometimes you've gotta make plays. To win games, you have to make plays ... we gave ourselves the opportunities at the end and we just couldn't see the opportunities. ... I've stopped looking at the record to be honest with you. We've gotta play better. We haven't made a big play all season. We haven't. ... What are you going to do?"