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Bracket Busters Potential Television Matchups

How do you match up more than 200 teams in games that could affect both potential NCAA Tournament spots and seeding? It has to be a headache, especially determining who ends up on television. At least one person took a shot at figuring it all out before Monday's announcement.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The final edition of Bracket Busters matchups will be released today by ESPN, and all eyes are on who will get the prime television slots that could make or break an at large chance, or -- more likely -- determine seeding come March.

A lot of this will end up being based on the RPI (choke, gag), and other backroom dealing, and I am sure a number of pleading phone calls from desperate athletic directors. Well, maybe not that last one in the case of the television teams. There is a very short list of mid-major teams that are worthy of getting bumped to the premium eyeball spots.

But somewhere down the list, you know there are teams that are playing the phones hoping to get a better team on their schedule, or maybe even a worse team depending on the circumstances.

John Templon at Big Apple Buckets takes a look at what he would do if he were in charge of scheduling the premier television games, and his reasoning has merit. Can't wait for that Belmont - Ohio matchup featuring Coop and Ian Clark.