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Zay Jackson to Serve 60 Days in Jail for Walmart Assault With Vehicle

Murray State guard Zay Jackson was sentenced to five years in jail, of which he will serve 60 days as part of a new plea agreement in the assault case that drags back to September of 2012. Jackson's case has taken multiple twists and turns to reach this conclusion

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

And so the sad saga of Zay Jackson's assault case comes to what could be considered an end.

During the summer months, the Murray State guard was caught on video tape running two two pedestrians with his vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. This led to multiple court appearances, and twists and turns that involved new judges, blown plea agreements, and eventually a harsher charge from a grand jury.

In other words, Jackson screwed up pretty badly (and yet somehow was allowed back at practice and has been sitting on the bench during some games).

Jackson received a five-year sentence on one count of assault and one count of wanton endangerment, to be served concurrently. He agreed to a plea deal that will end up costing him 60 days in jail, 11 of which he has already served under the terms of the original plea deal that was thrown out. Jackson will begin serving the sentence immediately.

According to WPSD Local 6, he will also be required to pay the medical bills for the victim and attend counseling.

OVC Ball's Catlin Bogard (who also filed the WPSD report) adds that it appears Jackson will be allowed to return to Murray State after the jail terms completes.