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Report: Blaine Taylor Out As Coach at Old Dominion

According to Twitter reports, Old Dominion has scheduled a press conference for this afternoon to announce the departure of head coach Blaine Taylor. Taylor was 239-144 in 12 seasons with the Monarchs.

Blaine Taylor out at Old Dominion?
Blaine Taylor out at Old Dominion?
Nick Laham

Here is the latest buzz on Twitter: coach Blaine Taylor is no longer in charge at Old Dominion.

The news came as a shock to almost everyone that has followed the Monarchs, especially since they were on the verge of moving up to Conference USA next season. Taylor contract with the team runs through the end of 2015, so this wasn't even a "you will be gone in a couple of months, we want to start looking now" kind of thing.

David Teel at the Daily Press was similarly shocked by the rumor as he had been told specifically that Taylor was safe.

He added that players he spoke to were unaware of the situation and had not yet been informed of anything related to Taylor's departure.

Entering this season, Taylor was 237-124 as the coach of the Monarchs. Obviously things haven't gone as planned this year, and Old Dominion is just 2-20 and winless in the Colonial in their final season.

But the biggest thing to keep in mind is that this is the anomaly. As Yahoo!'s Jeff Eisenberg pointed out:

That string also includes and NIT Final Four and a CIT Championship. As Teel speculated, this can't be related to performance this season. Something else must have happened.