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Montana Sophomore Kevin Henderson Suspended After DUI

Sunday was not a good day for Montana sophomore Kevin Henderson. The Grizz guard was suspended for a minimum of one game after being charged with a DUI.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

It never fails to amaze the lengths that players will go to in order to ruin a good thing. You might look at the situation of Luke Martinez at Wyoming as one example.

And you would think that coaches would trot that out in front of their teams and say, "Don't be this guy."

Apparently Montana sophomore Kevin Henderson didn't get the memo. Henderson was suspended by the Grizzly basketball team for a minimum of one game after being arrested Sunday and charged with DUI.

The guard had a BAC of over 0.02, the legal limit for a person under 21, according to the AP report.

The report went on to add this from coach Wayne Tinkle:

Griz coach Wayne Tinkle says he takes the matter seriously and the conduct code is clear on the punishment, but it's also important that Henderson learn and grow from the situation.

Henderson wasn't hugely impactful for the Grizz in his time on the floor (2.8 ppg), but at the same time this isn't about whether the team will suffer for his mistake. It is about what everyone is going to learn from the situation.