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Video Evidence Of Shockers' Demise

We take a look at the first video evidence from the final seconds of Wichita State's loss to Southern Illinois.

So what do we have here? Why, it's a video of the final possession of Wichita State's loss at Southern Illinois last night. One of those games on the mid-major slate that I file under "it's not an interesting game unless Wichita State screws up." Which, of course, they did.

There was debate after the game, as Wichita coach Greg Marshall admitted that the goaltending call was probably fair, but was preceded by a charge that went uncalled and a shot that shouldn't have even happened.

If you look closely at the video, the goaltending is indeed there - Ehimen Orukpe's arm contacts the ball as it is beginning its descent to the hoop, by definition an illegal contact. However, there is also no charge. Sure, Jalen Pendleton dropped his shoulder into the defender a little, but that is rendered fairly irrelevant by the fact that the defender never came set, and therefore never had a claimed right to the designated space that would necessitate a charge being called.

You can say what you like about conference road wins being hard to come by for all but the very best team in a given conference. This year Wichita was once again expected to join Creighton as the definitive upper echelon of the Missouri Valley Conference, and Southern Illinois - with a new coach and a roster that was bleeding talent - was clearly a doormat team, both in preseason and thusfar this year.

Wichita had no business losing this game, and no amount of (misguided) chatter about suspect refereeing will change that.