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New Mexico State's Tyrone Watson Spent Some of Wednesday in Jail

Aggies player Tyrone Watson was suspended indefinitely last week after being charged with assault from an incident that occurred at a party. Watson was arrested Wednesday and spent several hours in jail until bond could be posted.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

New Mexico State forward Tyrone Watson has been suspended indefinitely from the Aggies basketball team, and it has yet to hurt them (we will know more tonight after facing Idaho).

This all stems from an incident at a party where Watson is alleged to have beaten a fellow State student. Now this is not something that you would expect from the apparently very smart criminal justice major, but who knows?

His lawyer is making the case that it wasn't Watson who beat up the student at all.

Some witnesses told the Sun-News last week that Watson stomped on the head of Rascon after knocking him out with a single punch.

"That didn't happen," Coronado said.

Witnesses and Watson reportedly told Coronado that the basketball player punched Rascon once "in the chin" before being pulled away from the scene.

"It lasted 7, 8 seconds," Coronado said.


"Somebody did something to (Rascon)," Coronado said. "But it wasn't Tyrone. Nor did he condone it."

Watson was formally charged Wednesday and arrested after the bond hearing until he could post $500. He spent a couple of hours in jail while the money was rounded up and his lawyer accompanied him from the detention center, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

The Aggies leader will have a change to appeal his suspension and a decision on his status could come within 72 hours.