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Report: UM-Kansas City Leaving Summit for WAC

Kansas City is leaving the Summit Conference for the WAC. Hopefully there will be some kind of explanation in a press conference scheduled for next week, because we can't find one.

UMKC head coach Matt Brown would like to know what the Roos are doing.
UMKC head coach Matt Brown would like to know what the Roos are doing.
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It never ends, does it; this whole realignment thing?

I really thought the WAC had re-established itself into obscurity, basically living on the same plane of competence as the MEAC, or the SWAC. It has set itself up to be the Great West Conference, just with a fancier name, and a little more history behind it.

Only it hasn't now.

Because Thursday, CBS' Dennis Dodd reported, and it was confirmed that UM-Kansas City will be leaving the Summit Conference to join the WAC.


Seriously, what? OK, so UMKC actually fits in the same KenPom class as the rest of the WAC will next season. They are No. 333 as of Thursday afternoon, and the outlook isn't very bright. Perhaps this was just the school's way of putting itself on even footing, maybe even making an NCAA Tournament.

Yeah, we can be a little up about this. Sure, this is a fine move for the Roos.

No, no. I can't condone any school leaving a stable place like the Summit, and joining the WAC. Not even a school that has just two winning seasons in the past 11. No, I can't condone that.

The WAC is happy. See commissioner Jeff Hurd:

"UMKC is much like some the additions we've made," Hurd said. "There is growth potential, a commitment. We were looking for a metropolitan area. We have a chance to grow our league with members we are adding. We feel there is a commitment on the part of the university."

At the very least, the conference can now hold its tournaments in a place with some history: Municipal Auditorium, where UMKC plays some of its home games.

A press conference is scheduled for next week. Let's hope that provides some form of an answer.