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More WAC Changes On The Way, Or So We Think

Are more changes on the way for the WAC? One tweet has us thinking the answer is "Yes!"

I was kind of kidding, or at least I want to think I was.

I thought it was somewhat amazing that a team would leave the Summit Conference, like Kansas City did, to join the WAC. It didn't make sense to me.

So I said this:

Now, I know that we have a few ADs watching what we do. I would imagine most of the time, they ignore us (Hi guys and gals!).

So I wasn't fully prepared to receive this:

I would think he was just kidding, but this is the same Dan Schumacher who dropped a few hints on his Twitter feed (which it seemed he created just for the sole purpose of) about Chicago State joining the WAC a couple of months ago.

So stay tuned WAC faithful. It looks like more interesting news is ahead for the league. And I might just have to let my jaw hit the floor again.