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Dog Bite! Wofford Terriers Maul Elon, 60-50

Elon will need to rise again after Wofford shocks the North leading Phoenix.


After a slow start to conference play, Elon found their footing early in January and ripped off seven straight conference wins to put the North division in a choke hold. During that same span, Wofford was neutered by just about everyone they played. The Terriers went 1-6 and lost those six games by an average margin of 12 points.

Tonight, on the other hand. Spencer Collins led Wofford with 16 points, 6 of which came on a critical second half run which propelled Wofford (9-15, 3-8) in an upset over Elon (15-8, 8-3) by a score of 60-50 Thursday night in Southern Conference play.

Spencer got help from Karl Cochran's 13 points and Lee Skinner had another 10. But the big difference was the completely ineffective play by Elon's bench versus a solid game put in by Wofford's bench crew.

Elon was led by Ryley Beaumont with 17 points on 7-of-10 shooting from the field, and Lucas Troutman scored in double figures for the 22nd straight game (maybe we should look into this).

However, that was all there was, as 38 minutes of play led five Elon bench players to score just two points, as they turned the ball over four times and committed nine of Elon's 21 fouls.

Wofford shot 42.9% from the floor while Elon shot 37.3% overall. Elon took a staggering 25 three-point shots but only connected on seven of them.