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Nor-easter Altering Team Schedules: Maine Just Fine

That massive snowstorm that was going to show up? Boy did it, and it has already postponed a couple of games, though not everyone has taken the same approach.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Some teams planned ahead for that massive snowstorm that has suddenly buried just about everything North and East of North Carolina in that white powdery stuff that we like to hit people with.

So Fairfield and Manhattan got advance notice, as did Bryant and Sacred Heart as to the timing of Bryant's opportunity to use their home court to avenge their earlier loss to the Pioneers.

We shall see who is actually ready for this - Bryant bumped their game only one day, while Manhattan gave two days time for folks to dig their way out if they need to, clear Mother Nature off their campus, and continue on with the business of basketball.

Surprisingly, though, UMass took an even shorter-term approach:

They decided this morning to move their game to tonight. Not to be outdone, Maine decided to do nothing at all.

That's right, Nor'easter. Maine and their basketball players have no fear of you whatsoever. No matter that, on current weather radar, their entire state is a hodge-podge of the bluish hues that Accuweather uses to denote "heavy snow."

Accuweather's description of today's forecast for Bangor, Maine is "blizzard this morning." Apparently that's not a big deal in February in Maine.