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Green Bay Gets Best of Detroit, Jumbles Horizon League Standings

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit's Ray McCallum played his part in one of the best Guard Shows of the season. It is just too bad for the Titans that the forwards failed to show up.

Just days after embarrassing Milwaukee with strong inside play, Detroit went into Green Bay and got just 13 points from its starting big men in a 68-59 loss to the Phoenix.

McCallum did almost everything for the Titans, scoring 30 points, both inside and out. But what was missing from the Cousy finalist's game Saturday was the assists. The Titans scored just twice on passes from their star.

That was not the way to beat the all-around effort from the Phoenix, led by sophomore point guard Keifer Sykes. The other half of the Guard Show may not have lit up the scoreboard like McCallum, but had Green Bay running like a well-oiled machine.

Green Bay was able to distribute the ball around at will. Jordan Fouse, 12 points; Alec Brown (once he started shooting!), 10 points; Kam Cerroni, 11 points. And then don't forget Sykes.

A final line of 16 points and five assists would be his, but more important was the win the team scored. With the victory, Green Bay pulled just a single game back of the Titans for second in the conference. They have been impressively good, and complete.

And they are young, one of those teams that could easily cement themselves at the top of the conference for the next couple of years.