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Fanpost Contest Results Are In!

After careful consideration and great slaving over a hot mathematical stove, we have come to a winner in our $25 Fanpost Contest. And the winner is...


So let's start with the big picture - we wound up with eight fan posts from five entrants in our contest, but we immediately had to narrow things down to a final five. Who didn't make it as a finalist?

  • Kyle321N, while your Horizon Conference tournament preview was greatly appreciated and very informative, it was one of the more basic entries we got in terms of originality - plus you never followed up on your promise to update as the tournament went on!
  • JoshuaR, while you did have an article that made the finals, and your draft profiles are interesting (and will come in handy in a few months), the Mountain West Conference just ain't our turf, my friend.
So that got us down to our five finalists, quick fast and in a hurry. Now, we had to figure out how to compare them while accommodating the fact that they have existed for anywhere between 9 and 37 days. This led to five rankings: total shares, total tweets, total recommendations, total page views, and page views per day. Add that up for a total score out of 25 and then multiply by four, and you have the final rankings. What's that look like?

Article Shares Tweets Recs Page Views /Day Overall Score
"Van Wijk" 3 11 2 9.6 95
"Inside the Play" 11 3 0 3.6 80
"Three Days" 3 6 0 3.6 75
"Dark Horse" 0 1 0 5 65
"970" 0 1 0 3.9 50

So what have we got here?

That's right, JoshuaR, it's alright that your draft previews didn't make the cut, because your insanely detailed assessment of Valparaiso's Kevin Van Wijk and his offensive game raced out to an early lead and never looked back, dominating in every category with the help of several other sites linking to you.

In second and third place, we have mkysports1 - that's right my friend, you just missed out on tying... yourself. For second place. Very well written and versatile on their content, your two pieces - on Isaiah Canaan's game winner against Belmont and the frustrating Racers team effort that led to a loss to Eastern Illinois. Feel free to check out his Murray State writing by following the link in his profile (unless we schmooze him into joining us).

In fourth place was awilly615 providing us with a profile of a potentially underrated tournament team in the Bucknell Bisons - extra appropriate now that they grabbed the auto-bid for the Patriot league last night. His was easily the most versatile, utilizing pictures, video, and a poll - the only entrant to do so. It gained you no bonus points though, my friend.

Last but certainly not least we have our most recent entry from david294, a discussion of the various meanings of the number 970 when it comes to being a fan of Charleston Southern Buccaneers basketball. While the Fanpost itself is not the best written piece from a purely journalistic standpoint (paragraphs and short sentences help), it did manage four page views per day and was the most unique of the competitors.

So there you have it. JoshuaR, go into the masthead and email either Ben or I to let us know where you would like your $25 gift card to come from. Everyone else, better luck next time - and oh yes, there will be a next time.