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Mike Gillian Out at Longwood

Big South member Longwood is expected to part ways with their long time head coach today.


Multiple sources have confirmed that Longwood will move on from their long time head coach Mike Gillian. An announcement is expected from the athletic department later today.

Gillian just finished his tenth year at Longwood and his first as a member of the Big South. The team went 8-25 this year and had the second longest losing streak in school history mid-season of 14 straight.

Gillian was 93-214 in his 10 years in Farmville and was 64-192 against Division I level competition since the school started playing a DI schedule in 2004-05.

Longwood should be an attractive job due to its location, new conference affiliation, and a wealth of young talent including Michael Kessens, Lucas Woodhouse, and Karl Ziegler.