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James Madison's Rayshawn Goins Arrested

Just hours after being officially placed in the NCAA Tournament for the school's first birth in 19 years, James Madison's Rayshawn Goins was arrested.

It's not like James Madison's Rayshawn Goins has made any sense all year. Why would he start now?

In the waning hours of (Selection) Sunday night, the Dukes' leading scorer and rebounder was arrested for obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct, according to JMU beat writer Mark Selig. He was released on a $2,500 bond and did not spend the night in prison for the charges.

Goins, who has been the most consistent contributor to the Dukes' offense this season, is now uncertain whether or not he has played his last game in the purple and white. The senior's fate rests in the hands of the administration, who will need to act fast and lower a decision on whether or not Goins will be in the lineup on Wednesday for the team's play-in game with LIU-Brooklyn.

If he misses the game, it will be next to impossible for JMU to reach the Round of 64 without his 12.7 points per game as they were already roughly 14 points short of reaching LIU's offensive pace.

We'll stick to this story in the coming 48 hours. For those of you in search of the perfect bracket, including play-in games, you won't want to go anywhere.