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Rayshawn Goins To Sit First Half Against LIU-Brooklyn

In an interesting decision from the James Madison athletic department and head coach Matt Brady, Rayshawn Goins will only sit out the first half of their play-in game on Wednesday after his Sunday evening arrest.

After earlier reports that hinted at Rayshawn Goins being entirely unable to travel with the team, Mark Selig has reported that James Madison's star forward will, in fact, be playing in Dayton on Wednesday for the right to help his team into the Round of 64.

Well, at least partially.

Earlier today, Selig had reported that, with Goins' hearing being placed on April 8, it was questionable whether or not the senior would be legally allowed to leave the commonwealth before that date.

However, an email from James Madison head coach Matt Brady told Selig that Goins will be suspended for the first half of the game, and he will practice with the team and travel with the team to Dayton.

According to Brady, it was a joint decision between him and the James Madison athletic department. Said Brady:

"We've been talking about it, going back + forth. I think it's the right thing to do for the athletic department and I'm OK with it."

This is a saving grace for Dukes fans, as the loss of Goins would have made advancing past the play-in game almost unconscionable. However, they will still have to start hot to negate the loss of their leading scorer. The Dukes should look to A.J. Davis to fill that role, as he has been heating up as of late, and then hang on for the first twenty minutes, keeping it as close as possible before halftime.