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Open Game Thread: Tuesday in Dayton

Let the dancing begin
Let the dancing begin
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament officially tips off today in Dayton, and while it may not count in your brackets, there will lots to watch for mid-major fans.

In the opening game, surprise Big South winner Liberty takes on the MEAC No. 7-seed(!) North Carolina A&T at 6:40 p.m. ET.

Following that we have maybe the biggest matchup of two mid-major at-large teams. Sun Belt regular season champion, and recent media darling (and possibly the team that makes Jay Bilas scratch his bald dome the most) Middle Tennessee State will face off against St. Mary's and Matthew Dellavedova.

We will be here talking through all the action throughout the night, and commenting on what we thing each game means for the next round of the NCAA Tournament to help you complete your brackets.

Here is a sneak preview: the first game, not so much; the second game, a lot.

Join us as we open the 2013 NCAA Tournament in Dayton.