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Saint Mary's, Santa Clara End Season With Class Act

The Gaels and Broncos ended their season by allowing one, hard-working, oft-injured senior to get what may be the one shining moment of his college career.

As first reported by Yahoo! Sports' The Dagger, something pretty damned awesome happened the other night, probably while most of you were asleep.

I, also, did not see this. Not because I was asleep, but because this was an unimportant game in the big picture and was only a 50-50 shot to be competitive. So my loss.

That said, think about what happened here. The team all worked together in order to get Williams back on the floor one more time, and coach Randy Bennett agreed.

More importantly, Santa Clara's head coach Kerry Keating told his guys to let this happen. The Broncos players do not challenge the initial shot, the rebound, or the follow up attempt. That's is a pretty classy awareness of the situation by Keating and his players in letting that happen during an otherwise fairly meaningless game.

The fact that his shot went in as the clock expired is that much sweeter. Sure, Williams could get a similar opportunity in various post-season games, but considering he literally can't run the court, it's probably best to leave that as your lasting memory.