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Longwood and VMI Put on Show in Big South Tournament

Michael Kessens dropped 36 points on VMI, but it wasn't enough to continue the dream for Longwood. He did net himself a nice Game Score though.


Longwood is starting to get a reputation. They had no issues with upping the tempo against Liberty in that 102-101 sprint back in the middle of February. That game featured Tristan Carey going off for 40 points and setting a nice Game Score in the low 80s.

And they have certainly not shied away from playing VMI's game, something that didn't change Thursday.

The Lancers couldn't steal away this one, but another of their players put together a fine performance. Michael Kessens scored 36 points and grabbed 16 rebounds in 40 minutes on the floor. That impressive performance just wasn't enough as Longwood lost to the Keydets, 90-86.

Kessens walked away with a Game Score of 91, one of the highest of the season, and bettering his teammate's big night just a month ago.

The reason he couldn't pull it out this time was the performance of VMI. Stan Okoye led the way with 31 points and nine rebounds (good enough for a Game Score of 79). He was backed up by 26 points from D.J. Covington and 22 from Rodney Glasgow.

As fun as it was to imagine a Longwood run to the title and the Big South's own version of bracket chaos, it just wasn't to be. Then again, the odds were against it. You can still dream though.