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FGCU's Andy Enfield To Interview With ODU? (Updated)

According to sources close to the decision making process, Old Dominion and FGCU's Andy Enfield have been in talks since mid-March, and could have an official interview by the end of the week.

In case you hadn't noticed, the college basketball world has been extremely active as of late. It makes sense; last month was March.

But on MLB's Opening Day, college hoops refused to sleep as the pile of coach-less schools and intriguing candidates continued to intrigue.

After Florida Gulf Coast's improbable run to the Sweet 16, their head coach Andy Enfield was destined to field offers from higher profile programs. Today, news broke that he and Old Dominion actually began talking before the Tournament about him filling their head coaching position.

The Monarchs have had a hole at the top of their coaching staff after they fired Blaine Taylor on February 5. Taylor had taken over the program in the 2001-2002 season and led Old Dominion to their most successful stretch in history with a .649 conference winning percentage during his ten year tenure.

According to the Virginia-Pilot's Ed Miller, the two parties conducted a Skype interview on March 14 before the NCAA Tournament began.

As Miller reports, the Monarchs had planned to finish their job search before this week after interviewing former Western Kentucky head coach Dennis Felton and UNC assistant Steve Robinson, among others. But Athletic Director Wood Selig says that the school will wait for the right candidate.

Will Enfield be that right candidate? Only time will tell.

One thing we know for sure is that stepping from the Atlantic Sun Conference and a program like Florida Gulf Coast to Conference-USA and a storied school like Old Dominion would be big time movement for Enfield.

And he'd have March Madness to thank for it.

UPDATE: Another thing we know for sure is that Enfield's Fort Myers home is on the market, according to Fox News. In a story published on March 29, the house is apparently being sold for $50,000 less than the original buying price, which makes it seem like he's trying to move it sooner rather than later.

After today's news about Old Dominion, it seems as if he has something in the works. Maybe he's confident in his chances with the Monarchs, or maybe he's been chatting with the folks in Minnesota.

Either way, check back this week for updates as we continue to stalk Andy Enfield's house and telephone calls. In a non-creepy way.