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Doug McDermott Returning to Creighton For Senior Year

The star of the Bluejays' last three years of success has decided he enjoys college life enough to give it one more go 'round.


It was announced today that Doug McDermott, he of the annual Naismith award speculation, will be returning to the Creighton Bluejays and his father's tutelage for one more season of college basketball.

We had mentioned previously that such a move would only benefit both McDermott and the Jays. The team benefits because they could use their star player to buffer all the other challenges they will face in transitioning to a much more difficult Big East Conference. The player benefits because he could use the stiffer competition to (possibly) answer any questions that remain about his pro-readiness, at least in terms of the old "level of competition" argument.

It remains to be seen how this will turn out. Will it be a sweet swan song for Dougie, where he shows just how good he is, or will upping the competitive ante reveal his limitations and crush his draft stock? Will his continued presence truly be able to mitigate all of the hardships the team will face in their new conference, or will he be lucky to wind up a "Good Stats Bad Team" kind of guy in his last go around?

Either way, you won't read about it here. You're in the Big East now, but I had to write about you one last time. You're my boy, Dougie *throws up the deuces*.