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No Allegations of Misconduct by Mike Rice While the Head Coach at Robert Morris

Robert Morris issued a statement Tuesday night stating that Mike Rice was not involved with any of the incidents shown on the Rutgers' video while the coach of the Colonials.


By now, you have probably seen the video of Mike Rice throwing basketballs at players' heads. And you probably have heard that he is no longer the coach at Rutgers as of this morning.

What you are probably wondering is what this all has to do with Mid-Major Madness, unless you are a fan of the Northeast Conference.

Before signing on at Rutgers, Rice was the head coach at Robert Morris. He led the Colonials to the NCAA Tournament in 2009 and 2010.

On Tuesday night, Robert Morris athletic director Craig Coleman issued a statement on Rice:

"Coach Rice's tenure at RMU was successful," Coleman said. "He is obviously an intense coach, and his passion for the game was mirrored by our student-athletes on the court. The behavior on the video is quite unfortunate, but it is not indicative of Coach Rice during his tenure at RMU."

The school has been reluctant to comment further on the matter.

Former players have been flippant about the whole thing on Twitter, but no one has outright claimed that Rice did any of the things shown on video. The fan reaction has been similar, ranging from comments like "We knew he was crazy," to "Thank goodness he isn't here anymore and this isn't RMU's mess."

And of course you have the fans who want him back at Robert Morris, especially if Andy Toole -- one of the top coaching prospects out there -- is whisked away. Go figure.