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Mid-Major Madness Bracket Contest Winner is Peter E

Our bracket contest came down to a single point, and that is how we like it.


The Louisville win sealed the deal for a number of the entries in our bracket contest.

The winner when all was said and done, by a single point, was Peter E, and his aptly named Phenomenal Bracket. Peter got 41 of the 63 games correct, including the winner, and will be taking home the prize which includes a t-shirt and a $25 gift card to the place of his choosing.

Peter won by beating Casey's Gamera III bracket by a single point. Thank our oddball scoring system for that win. Casey takes home nothing for the honor of being second.

In terms of our writers... well, there is a reason we aren't on television making these picks. Yours truly, using the computer as guidance, got 35 of 63 games correct (thanks Davidson). We have to emphasize the guidance part as the computer would have done better, but there was no way I could pick Memphis.

The winner among the writers (and this is a guess since we have added so many over the last few weeks, I am not sure if any of them used a Yahoo pseudonym) was Parks Smith, who finished 10th overall with 35 of 63 games correct (wait, I had the... stupid scoring...). Parks will get a Yoohoo poured over his head at the next editorial board meeting.

Thanks everyone for playing. Peter E, please email me at madnesssbnation at gmail dot com to claim your prize.