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Wisconsin Green-Bay Keeping Wardle As Coach

After conducting an independent investigation, the university has found some minor wrongdoing and levied some equally minor punishment, but will retain Brian Wardle as their head coach.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN reported today that Wisconsin-Green Bay men's basketball coach Brian Wardle, who has had several ex-players accuse him of verbally abusive and otherwise neglectful or humiliating treatment during their time on the team, will be retained as the team's coach going forward.

In an independent report (here's the whole thing if you care), it was found that Wardle did indeed use vulgar, obscene and/or potentially abusive language on several occasions, but that any other allegations were somewhere between unfounded and unprovable.

From what I can tell, this essentially amounts to a coach who tends to be a yeller when motivating, who doesn't really care what obscenities may or may not come out of his mouth when doing so, and who occasionally makes very poor selections when it comes to off-color humor as a motivating tool for his players.

Wardle is certainly correct in his assessment that the coaching climate has changed to a point where coaches are expected to motivate their players without being verbally abusive (though even that definition has changed over the years, something Bob Knight can probably attest to). The school has put this in his permanent record, will have someone monitoring him next season, and will put a one-year kibosh on extending his contract (which doesn't end for four years anyway).

This seems like about the right response from the school. Can we move on past this one now?