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2013 NBA Draft: Lehigh's McCollum To Join Portland Backcourt

The first mid-major player finally came off the draft board, and to nobody's surprise it was Lehigh's C.J. McCollum.

Mike Stobe

So I know we didn't do much draft profiling this spring, like we did last year.

"But you have more writers now than you did then!" you say.

You know what? You need to check your attitude, reader. We all have lives here, and we can't just drop what we're doing to... alright alright. Enough lamenting and procrastination - which we are great at, by the way. Let's discuss,

The Portland Trail Blazers have themselves what could be a very impressive duo now that they have drafted McCollum to join last year's first round darling Damian Lillard up in the Pacific Northwest.

For those of you who may have forgotted, Lillard got the kind of guarded "yeah but let's see what real competition does" compliments reserved for, well, guys that come to the NBA out of places like Weber State. He then proceeded to start every single game for the Blazers, leading all rookies in minutes played, points, assists and three point shooting on the way to six Rookie of the Month awards and eventually Rookie of the Year.

This is a solid move for the Blazers, who perhaps have Detroit's desire for a more pure shooting guard to thank - it essentially gives them two combo guards, each of whom can serve as the point guard or shooting guard as situations and matchups dictate. No offense to Wesley Matthews, but this makes them that much more dangerous on offense; it's hard to not see McCollum as an immediate upgrade to the Blazers' guard depth, one that gets their 2013-14 season off on the right foot.