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Long Beach State's James Ennis Drafted #50 By The Miami Heat

The Atlanta Hawks picked up the 49er later in the second round, before trading him to the Miami Heat.


The Heat were stacked at every position and didn't have any picks slated in the 2013 NBA Draft. They picked one up for safe-keeping in Long Beach State's James Ennis. This is the 49ers first player chosen in the NBA draft since Andrew Betts was drafted in 1998.

Ennis played a hybrid Guard/Forward position when he was with LBSU, which makes things a little...interesting, when you look at the Heat's roster. Miami is stacked with guards and forwards, and so this pick looks more to be a future development move, unless Ray Allen, Juwan Howard and Rashard Lewis all retire before the season starts (all three are 14+ years of experience). Editors note: Ray Allen exercised his player option for 2014.

Let's not also forget Shane Battier, who was present at the draft interviewing players, might also be on the "soon-to-retire" list after the 2013-14 season.

Ennis, while not on the high-list of draft picks, was extremely successful on the collegiate level considering how he started, and his best skill set might be in his versatility as a player. He was able to shoot decently from all around the floor, as well as provide strong defense on the opposite end of the court.

If he does end up making the team roster, I personally can see him as a near-perimeter player on the wings. Over his 2-year career at LBSU, he averaged 13.2 PPG and 5.4 RPG, which puts him in a position in the NBA to either assist the starters by getting open and passing in the lane, or being a small enforcer on defense, tearing away for rebounds.

Quite literally, time might tell whether the former 49er leader will get a goldmine opportunity to be an effective player in the NBA, or whether the prospect will be shafted into D-league.