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Marshall's Leading Scorer Elijah Pittman Indicted on Battery Charges

It's been a rough offseason for Tom Herrion and the Thundering Herd with graduation, dismissals, and transfers. Now Marshall has found out their leading scorer from a year ago has been indicted on battery charges.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall was a popular sleeper team this time last summer. After a 21-14 season and a trip to the Conference USA finals in 2012, the Thundering Herd returned the core of a team that many thought could challenge Memphis for the CUSA crown. Tom Herrion's squad fell apart in 2013 and finished the season with a 13-19 mark.

This summer has been brutal this year with graduation and DeAndre Kane (Iowa State) and Chris Martin (Mount St. Mary's) heading elsewhere. Herrion received a little more heartburn today as leading scorer Elijah Pittman has been indicted on battery charges. The 6'9 big man averaged over 16 points and 4 boards a year ago.

The Herald-Dispatch released information on the indictment.

In the indictment, Pittman is charged with unlawfully making physical contact with the male student by punching the student during an altercation, causing him to fall to the pavement and become momentarily unconscious.

The incident took place in the 1900 block of Buffington Avenue, at an apartment complex near campus, after midnight on October 10, 2012, said Huntington Police Det. Rob Stinnett, who presented the results of his investigation to the grand jury.

Stinnett said the student was taken to the emergency room at Cabell Huntington Hospital following the incident. The student suffered a broken nose, a concussion and a possible facial fracture during the incident, said Stinnett.

Marshall, who is about embark on a preseason trip to Canada, will rely on a slew of Junior College transfers to supplement their losses for the 2013-14 season