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Exempt Tournaments Falling Apart?

Hoops for Hopes in Mexico and the CBE Hall of Fame Tip-Off are both struggling to go on as they search for teams to play in their event.


Exempt tournaments seem to be becoming like bowl games in college hoops. Every corner you turn there is another early season event popping up in some exotic location. There will always be the stalwarts in Maui, Madison Square Garden, Las Vegas, and others; but some of the exempt events for this upcoming year seem to be falling apart.  Just ask the Illinois State Redbirds....

The Redbirds were slated to play in the Hoops for Hope Classic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Dan Muller's squad was supposed two games against "lower bracket" teams on ISU's home court and then head to Mexico for a challenging field. Instead of traveling south of the border, Muller had to go through an offseason of questions as the tournament organizer could not find proper dates for the Redbirds.

Now it seems that Muller's squad will be heading to play in the Battle of the Bay in San Francisco, a three day event that is slated to include the Dons, Vermont, and either Cal Poly or North Dakota according to conflicting reports. After a tumultuous proces, Muller is relieved to say the least:

"After a long and frustrating process, I am thrilled about our games in San Francisco. The opportunity to play three quality teams in four days will be very valuable for my team. Trips and experiences like these can help bring teams together, and we certainly hope the Battle in the Bay can do that for us." via Pantagraph

Hoops for Hopes isn't the only tournament in turmoil though, the CBE Hall of Fame tournament is also falling apart.

The CBE is slated to feature BYU, DePaul, Texas, and Wichita State in Kansas City. Each of those teams were supposed to get a couple of home games from the regional field, which includes Buffalo and Wright State at the moment. The regional field was also set to play in Buffalo, but right now the tournament is scrambling to find a final two teams for the event.

It's very late in the scheduling process and one has to believe that almost every school is locked in for 2013-14. With situations like this you have to wonder about the long term health of some of these tournaments.