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Corliss Williamson Leaving Central Arkansas for Sacramento Kings

The "Big Nasty" is heading back to the NBA to join Mike Malone's bench in the place where he begun his career. Central Arkansas names Clarence Finley the interim head coach.

Ethan Miller

Just when you though the coaching carousel was done spinning another move takes place. Corliss Williamson has decided to leave his post as the head coach at Central Arkansas to become an assistant for the Sacramento Kings.

Williamson, known as the "Big Nasty", was drafted in the first round by the Kings in 1995 after winning a national championship with Arkansas in 1994. Williamson stayed in Sacramento until 2000 and then rejoined the Kings for a second stint from 2005 to 2007.

As the head coach of the Bears Williamson compiled a 26-62 record. Clarence Finley, the associate head coach for Central Arkansas, will become the interim coach until the end of the 2013-14 season.

Williamson leaves the Bears at a time that many wouldn't consider the best. He issued a statement about his move yesterday:

"I honestly couldn't see myself leaving for any situation other than an opportunity to go back to Sacramento. It's a place where I cut my teeth as a rookie in the NBA, spent over half of my career there. It's an area that reminds me a lot of Arkansas, with the people, the fans they have there. It's just a great opportunity that I have now to return there and be able to coach at the highest level."