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Mid-Major Madness Podcast Launches with Barclay Radebaugh

Mid-Major Madness recorded its inaugural podcast episode last night with special guest Charleston Southern coach Barclay Radebaugh. Join Parks Smith and Ben Miraski for an hour of college basketball fun.


Since the site relaunched last year, the thing that has been missing has been a podcast, because everyone has to have a podcast. But no one really needs a podcast.

Except that there are no podcasts that cover mid-major basketball from top to bottom.

That has changed.

Last night, Parks Smith and I sat down to talk about the Big South, the Southern Conference, and the Patriot League, battling internet connectivity issues, and a giant storm that was hanging out over Chicago.

Joining us for the first episode was Charleston Southern coach Barclay Radebaugh, who touches on the greatest of his backcourt of Saah Nimley and Arlon Harper, plus what Cedrick Bowen will bring back into the lineup this season.

You can listen to the episode at Blog Talk Radio, or download us on iTunes.

We plan on doing this every week, bringing on writers from the site and coaches from around college basketball. Come back and listen often.