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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: Week 2

Our weekly podcast is back and this week we covered the CAA, MAAC, and a couple of high profile issues in college hoops.


We're back for week two of the Mid-Major Madness Podcast and it didn't sound like I was broadcasting from a tin can!

Ben Miraski and I got together to talk about some interesting Twitter interactions with a coach, the ongoing transfer debate in college hoops, and the future of some of the Mid-major ranks highest profile schools and coaches.

We also dove into previewing and breaking down the Colonial Athletic Association and the MAAC, or the MAAAAAC as Ben puts it.

Both leagues are set for a competitive, exciting year.

We'll be back next week breaking down the Horizon League and America East. We'll also likely have a couple of coaches on the program.

You can also listen to the episode at Blog Talk Radio, or download us on iTunes.

If you have any suggestions for the podcast or would like us to talk about any issues in Mid-Major hoops then feel free to reach out to us at @mid_madness.