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LIU's Julian Boyd Re-Tore ACL Over Summer

After suffering a torn ACL this past December which cut his season extremely short, news broke this afternoon that LIU-Brooklyn's Julian Boyd re-tore the ligament this summer.

The once-promising career of LIU-Brooklyn forward Julian Boyd is starting to look more and more like it has turned a corner into the cursed.

This past December, Boyd tore his ACL in a 97-70 victory over Rice, ending what had begun as an extremely productive season for the 6-7 Blackbird.

Now, this afternoon, CBS Sports's Jon Rothstein broke the news via Twitter that Boyd apparently re-tore his ACL over the summer:

Boyd will be missed in LIU's frontcourt this fall; after winning the NEC title last year and advancing to a play-in game against James Madison, the Blackbirds were hoping to mount a repeat campaign.

Before his injury in December, Boyd was averaging 18.5 points and 6.1 rebounds per game.