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Wichita State Freshman Collapses In Practice

Shockers freshman D.J. Bowles brought back unfond memories for coach Gregg Marshall when he collapsed in practice on Tuesday

Jim McIsaac

As reported by NBC SportsTalk earlier today, Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall got a shock when freshman guard DJ Bowles lost consciousness and dropped to the court during practice on Tuesday. As of the latest report, he i still in the hospital undergoing tests to see what the exact cause was, though he was upgraded from "serious" to "fair" conditions after yesterday's tests were completed.

To say it brought back an ugly memory for Marshall might be putting it kindly:

"My first week on the job, I was recruiting a kid that had been recruited by the previous staff," Marshall said, his voice audibly shaking. "I was confirming his commitment to honor his National Letter of Intent, and he had told me he was going to do that, and 30 minutes later, during a workout, he perished."

Now there's an awful situation. I imagine Bowles makes a full recovery (aka heads home from the hospital) in the near future, and hopefully they get a firm grasp on what caused the episode (since it isn't an enlarged heart - thank goodness), in such a way that doesn't involve ending his career early like Creighton's Josh Jones had to do.