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2014 NBA Draft Live Stream: Tracking the Mid-Major Candidates

The 2014 NBA Draft isn't packed with mid-major candidates that will make an impact at the next level, but could someone surprise the crowd when their name is called? Stay tuned with us.

Ronald Martinez

The 2014 NBA Draft kicks off at 7 p.m. Eastern on Thursday night. We have been tracking the best mid-major players in that draft through our previews, and we are hoping that at least a couple of them hear their names called.

There always exists the possibility that there will be a surprise pick, and unfortunately that was not Jet Chang two years ago. But we can still hope.

Here are the names we are thinking may be called tonight:

The team from Mid-Major Madness will be around on Thursday night, chatting and complaining about how much better our players were than anyone else called. But we will still be there through the evening.

Come chat with us and add to the fun with gifs, quotes and thoughts about the players' suits and their entourages.

And if we manage to hit the jackpot with a few picks, even better.