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2014 NCAA Tournament: Get Your Blank Bracket for Selection Sunday

We know you are going to want to have something to crib out that first bracket on Sunday night before the ink is fresh on the paper. SBNation has you covered with the blank bracket you have been longing for.


We know how you are about your brackets, and wanting to get them done early. That first gut reaction has always worked for you when completing that clean sheet.

Well, you need something to write it on, don't you?

Have no fear, SBNation has just the thing for you! A blank bracket where you can crib in all the notes you need as you place that first team onto the Champion line Sunday night.



Pretty, isn't it? You can download the .pdf version for printing too.

The selection show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern on CBS, and there will be a ton of analysis going on in the hours that follow.

We will have breakdowns of each region with the mid-major teams that you need to know for the crucial upset picks and the best mid-major players to watch. We will follow that with a roll of previews for every game to give you all the knowledge you need to fill out that sheet and possibly win one billion dollars.

It might happen.