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2014 NCAA Tournament: Join Our Mid-Major Madness Bracket Contest

Show us your college basketball knowledge and obsession by joining our Mid-Major Madness bracket contest.

Chris Chambers

It's that time again. Time to fill out your brackets, erase, refill and constantly ponder your picks. So why not do it with us here at Mid-Major Madness? Join our bracket contest over at Yahoo Sports to put your college basketball knowledge to the test against the experts here at Mid-Major Madness.

Join the "Mid-Major Madness" group here (ID: 88229) and fill out the correct information, We always honor one player with our password selection. This year that password is: taylorbraun

The winning contestant will receive a free t-shirt from Mid-Major Madness. To be eligible, you must adhere by the following rules. You must also be a member of Mid-Major Madness when the contest begins.

If you need a printable bracket, feel free to download the SB Nation sheet right here.

Be sure to check back each round to see the updated standings as well as coverage of all the mid-major teams competing to be this year's Cinderella.

Good luck!