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2014 NCAA Tournament: Playing the Odds, Who is Favored in Vegas?

What does Vegas think of the mid-major chances at an NCAA title? About as much as you would expect, but we prefer to look at the unexpected.

Mike Lawrie

As you would expect, Vegas doesn't like to roll with the underdogs. They know they won't get any action that way.

You aren't going to see Wichita State be picked to be the favorite in the tournament, because no one is going to want the return that picking the "underdog" would give them. So when you look at who is favored to win the NCAA Tournament, you see the familiar names.

Florida heads the list, followed by Michigan State, Louisville and Arizona. Yes, two teams seeded on the four line are picked better than half of the No. 1 seeds. This is the way things work.

Here are the top odds to win it all courtesy of Bovada:

Team Seed Odds
Florida No. 1 South 11-2
Michigan State No. 4 East 7-1
Louisville No. 4 Midwest 13-2
Arizona No. 1 West 9-1
Virginia No. 1 East 10-1
Wichita State No. 1 Midwest 10-1
Kansas No. 2 South 10-1
Duke No. 3 Midwest 12-1
Wisconsin No. 2 West 20-1
Villanova No. 2 East 20-1
Michigan No. 2 Midwest 20-1
Syracuse No. 3 South 20-1
Creighton No. 3 West 20-1

So that isn't pretty, but if you still want to make some money on the mid-majors, here at the best bets, for each region, according to Bovada:

South Region:

Favorite: Florida, 9-5
Best Mid-Major Hope: VCU, 9-1

West Region:

Favorite: Arizona, 2-1
Best Mid-Major Hope: Gonzaga, 18-1

East Region:

Favorite: Michigan State, 5-2
Best Mid-Major Hope: George Washington, St. Joe's, Harvard, 50-1 (We told you this one was tough)

Midwest Region:

Favorite: Louisville, 8-5
Best Mid-Major Hope: Wichita State, 4-1
Next Best: Saint Louis, 20-1