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2014 NCAA Tournament: More Odds and Ends from Vegas

We got your prop bets here!

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

There are more odds and ends on tap from our friends in Vegas, specifically the prop bet odds. We know that these are the biggest crap shoots out there, but they certainly can be fun to take a look and see what people dream up all bets courtesy of our friends at Bovada):

Let's start with simple:

Which No. 1 seed will be the first to be eliminated?

Wichita State: 10-11
Arizona: 2-1
Virginia: 3-1
Florida: 6-1

Ouch, that one stings a little bit, although the Shockers did get a difficult draw should they make the Sweet 16. They are currently at 2-5 to make it that far and you can get 7-4 if you say No.

Well, will one of those No. 1 seeds go out in its first game, meaning we would have the first 16-1 upset ever?

Yes: 6-1
No. 1-10

Hmm, not looking good for whomever wins tonight and tomorrow.

It is also 50-1 that all of the No. 1 seeds make the Final Four. It has only happened once, so I wouldn't be betting on this if I were you. The over-under on seed total in the Final Four is 12.5.

It also appears that if you are seeded anything 5 or higher, your chance of taking home the hardware is very slim according to Vegas this season.

What seed will win?

1: 3-2
2: 4-1
3: 5-1
4: 2-1
5: 25-1
6: 25-1
7: 25-1
8: 20-1
9 or higher: 20-1

That doesn't look good for any of the teams we cover except for Wichita State. Maybe we can just take a rooting interest in Creighton if things break badly. The new Big East is a 6-1 shot to have the champion come from its ranks. The A-10 with six teams in the field, only scored 20-1 odds.

Ah, here is a good one. Will there be a repeat of the 2013 final between Michigan and Louisville.

Yes: 10-1
No: 1-25

Wait a second?!? That is free money! Please tell me you can bet this somewhere? And who are the stooges that they are getting to say Yes on this? I am guessing this was taken off the board some time after the bracket was announced and that this is a misprint.

Other notes:

  • The over-under on the highest margin of victory in the Round of 64 is 32.5
  • The over-under on the highest point total scored in the Round of 64 is 95.5
  • You can also bet on the number of buzzer-beating shots in the Round. I am not sure how that is calculated, but if you think there will be 7 or more, which would be a really exciting tournament to watch, you can get 50-1.