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2014 NCAA Tournament Recap: Dayton Drops Ohio State on Vee Sanford's Floater

If you could script the opening to the NCAA Tournament, you couldn't come up with a story as large as Dayton beating in-state rival Ohio State on a last second shot. You couldn't even imagine it.

It was dreary in Dayton on Thursday morning. Wednesday rain combined with bitter wind and a chill that still hung in the air didn't make for a friendly opening to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Things are certainly looking a bit more sunny now.

When Vee Sanford elevated over Ohio State's Aaron Craft, he had no business making the shot that would give Dayton the lead and ultimately the win over the Buckeyes, 60-59. Craft is one of the best ball defenders in the country. He doesn't let guards get past him, let alone guards off the bench.

And yet the ball banks in. And when Craft attempts to get the shot to fall at the other end, for the second time in less than a minute, it doesn't fall.

Yeah, the sun was shining on the Dayton Flyers on Thursday afternoon.

This was a team that people doubted should even be in the NCAA Tournament. They may have snuck in and avoided playing in Dayton. This is proof that they belonged.

They avoided getting beaten down by the best on Ohio State. Craft and Sam Thompson were on the top of their game. But when Shannon Scott fouled Dyshawn Pierre on a 3-pointer in the corner, you could feel the mood shift through the television.

That is a top team losing its cool in the final moments as the clock ticks down. The shot wasn't going to go in. Instead Pierre hits all three and gives Dayton the lead. Now Ohio State is on the defensive and needing all the heroics it can get.

Craft provided the spark once, but the flame didn't ignite. Sanford poured all the cold water in Buffalo on that.

The Flyers move on to face either Western Michigan or Syracuse on Saturday. But no one will be talking about that today, or tomorrow. Tonight, they will just be talking about the shot that Sanford landed over one of the best guards in the country, and how Dayton took down mighty Ohio State.