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2014 NCAA Tournament Schedule and Open Thread for Friday's Games

Looking for a place to hang out and watch basketball with a bunch of folks who know about all the underdogs that could pull an upset today? You have come to the right hole in the Internet. Join us all day long for our discussion of Friday's games.

How about the opening day of the NCAA Tournament? Four overtimes, two 12-5 upsets, a scare of the defending champs and Dayton winning on a shot in the final minute over Ohio State. Yeah, feeling the Madness yet?

We will be here again all day long to help you through the day. Follow along in our live stream.

If you are still trying to figure out how to find these games, here is the rundown of Friday's NCAA Tournament Action:

Raleigh, N.C.

No. 14 Mercer vs. No. 3 Duke, 12:15, CBS - Preview
No. 11 Tennessee vs. No. 6 UMass, 2:45, CBS
No. 9 George Washington vs. No. 8 Memphis, 6:55, TBS
No. 16 Coastal Carolina vs. No. 1 Virginia, 9:25, TBS

San Antonio, Texas

No. 11 Nebraska vs. No. 6 Baylor, 12:40, truTV - Don't watch this
No. 14 Louisiana-Lafayette vs. No. 3 Creighton, 3:10, truTV
No. 11 Providence vs. No. 6 North Carolina, 7:20, TNT - Don't watch this
No. 14 North Carolina Central vs. No. 3 Iowa State, 9:50, TNT - Preview

Saint Louis, Mo.

No. 10 Stanford vs. No. 7 New Mexico, 1:40, TBS - Don't watch this
No. 15 Eastern Kentucky vs. No. 2 Kansas, 4:10, TBS
No. 16 Cal Poly vs. No. 1 Wichita State, 7:10, CBS
No. 9 Kansas State vs. No. 8 Kentucky, 9:40, CBS - Don't watch this

San Diego, Calif.

No. 16 Weber State vs. No. 1 Arizona, 2:10, TNT
No. 9 Oklahoma State vs. No. 8 Gonzaga, 4:40, TNT
No. 12 Stephen F. Austin vs. No. 5 VCU, 7:27, truTV
No. 13 Tulsa vs. No. 4 UCLA, 9:57, truTV - Preview

All Times Eastern

Sit back and relax and come join in the fun as we through Friday's March Madness.