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Video: The Best Moments From the End of the Wichita State vs. Kentucky Epic Game

SBNation's Dan Rubenstein breaks down all of the ridiculous moments from the end of the Wichita State - Kentucky game.

We have already written a ton of words on Wichita State this season, and the game that knocked them out of the NCAA Tournament and ended the perfect run was no exception. You need to appreciate that game for what it was: a masterpiece of basketball on both sides.

At some point, that game will find its way onto ESPN Classic, and people who didn't see it the first time will wonder why a second round game from the NCAA Tournament would be showing. They will not get it until they watch and see what this was all about.

So until that happens (which could be forever from now) we at least have the guys in the studio at SBNation to help us relive some of the crazy moments from the last minutes of that basketball game. Here is Dan Rubenstein with a little help from the rest of the mothership, to help take us back.