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2014 NCAA Tournament: Current Odds for Dayton to Win it All

Dayton has defied the odds to get to this point in the NCAA Tournament, so what are the odds that they can keep it going? We have the latest odds from Bovada to show you


Dayton wasn't supposed to get this far. By seed alone, the Flyers should have been back in Dayton on Thursday night and watching the other major upsets of the day take place.

But that isn't how things work in the NCAA Tournament.

So what are the odds in Vegas that the Flyers can keep this magical run going, and perhaps incite another near riot on campus (Please let there be more administrators crowd surfing!)? Here we go:

Odds to Win the Entire Shebang: No surprise here, the Flyers are the least likely team to take home the trophy. But they did start at 100-1 and have closed the gap a bit.

Favorite: Florida - 10-3
Popular picks: Louisville - 5-1, Michigan State - 11-2, Arizona - 6-1, Virginia - 10-1
Dayton: 75-1

Ok, so that isn't promising. But what about the chances to just get to the Final Four?

Odds to Win the South Region:

Florida - 2-3
UCLA - 3-1
Stanford - 5-1
Dayton - 9-1

Now that is a little better.

So let's look into the future and try to see who will be the Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament? Well, you can place a little wager on that too. And the chances of this being someone from the Flyers right now is slim, but you will get a nice payout for it.

Odds to Win Most Outstanding Player:

Favorite: Scottie Wilbekin, Florida - 7-1
Popular Picks: Russ Smith, Louisville - 9-1; Adreian Payne, Michigan State - 10-1; Gary Harris, Michigan State - 10-1; Nick Johnson, Arizona - 12-1; Casey Prather, Florida - 15-1; Patric Young, Florida - 15-1.
Dayton: Dyshawn Pierre - 200-1; Jordan Sibert - 200-1.

All odds courtesy of Bovada.