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Mid-Major Madness Year in Review: Isaiah Canaan and Ian Clark Put on a Show

Nate Wolters wasn't the only player to put on a show in early February. Murray State and Belmont met the same night and Isaiah Canaan and Ian Clark gave us all a treat to remember.

Isaiah Canaan was one half of an amazing performance
Isaiah Canaan was one half of an amazing performance
Andy Lyons

On the same night that Nate Wolters was busy spoiling us with his 50-point affair, there was a game between Belmont and Murray State.

This game spoiled us for a different reason. The two leaders in the Ohio Valley Conference gave us a chance to see the showdown between Isaiah Canaan and Ian Clark, maybe two of the best shooters on the floor anywhere last year.

And they sure showed it that night. Murray State took a lead, but Ian Clark wasn't ready to concede anything to the defending conference champs. The Bruins leader took two amazing 3-pointers in less than a minute that brought the game back into reach for Belmont.

But it wasn't to be.

Because Isaiah Canaan was on the other side, and he nailed one of the most cold-blooded daggers that you could imagine.

This game was on television, unlike the Wolters show. And this might have brought out the most hooting and hollering of any game during the last regular season. It was a joy to watch almost every minute, no matter who was on the winning side in the end.

Here is the look back at the Canaan and Clark show, once again.