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Live Stream: Boston University Faces Up to Lafayette Challenge

Boston University looks to keep its undefeated run in its first Patriot League season going against the preseason favorite to challenge them, Lafayette.

Thanks to the folks at the Patriot League, Campus Insiders and Lafayette, we are pleased to bring you Boston University and Lafayette live streaming on Mid-Major Madness.

The Terriers have rolled into the league as the favorites and currently sit undefeated at the top of the heap. But while Lafayette was expected to challenge for the league title, the Leopards sit at 0-3, a far cry from the team they expected to be.

At 4-10 overall, the season hasn't been easy in any sense of the word. The latest loss was a 10-point trip up against Bucknell, a team that Lafayette should have been able to handle if everything was in place. That was despite 21 points and six boards from Dan Trist, the Leopards third-leading scorer this season.

It also didn't help that Seth Hinrichs has been missing since a knee injury in late December. The leading scorer for Lafayette this year leaves a 25-point hole on the floor and an even bigger one in terms of his leadership off it.

Join us as we see if Lafayette can figure out how to stop the hard-charging Terriers and get on the positive side in the conference. Tipoff is set for 2 p.m. Eastern time.