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Game Recap: Hartford Soars Past UMass-Lowell For 69-51 Win

UMass-Lowell won three of their last four games coming into today's match up with Hartford, but after watching how close Lowell's game against Stony Brook was, the Hawks rallied together for a 69-51 win.

UMass-Lowell went on quite a run before hitting a stop at Stony Brook. The game was incredibly close, and people were starting to wonder how good they really were. But Hartford wasn't about to let a second conference game slip through their fingers after a disappointing loss in their own matchup with Stony Brook.

Junior Wes Cole took the initiative in the first half, grabbing six from beyond the arc by 12:47, totaling more points in the first few minutes than he did all last game. With top player Mark Nwakamma out on the bench with two fouls, and two starters on the bench with ankle injuries, the team effectively came together to keep a 38-21 lead at the half.

Cole's 10 three-pointers broke the Hartford record for most threes in a game, which was previously held by 2011 graduate, Joe Zeglinski. He's slowly climbing the ranks in Hartford's record book, now with 165 from beyond the arch, putting him in 6th place for most threes made. He was only three shy of breaking the America East record where Maryland-Baltimore County's T.J Sorrentine made 12 from beyond the arch back in 2002.

Cole has nothing but respect for the former record holder, "Joe Zeglinski's one of the best players to ever play here and to break one of his records, it's pretty cool."

Even though fans thought Cole was on fire, Coach Gallagher seems to feel otherwise, "Somebody said to me outside here, 'Wes was on fire!' I actually don't think, I think Wes was warm today. Fire for Wes is 15 of 20. But we'll take it."

Did I mention he only made threes this game? There's a reason he's been called Hartford's "three point specialist".

But this wasn't an easy win for Hartford by any means. Lowell kept coming, causing Hartford to commit 17 fouls throughout the game, including one player fouling out. They beat reigning champs Albany (granted, a rather injured Albany) and held on tight to Stony Brook, the team projected to win the America East conference.

"We didn't take them lightly. We prepared like they were like they are, a good team."

Hartford only has three days to gear up for a bout of road games, starting on Thursday against Binghamton. UMass-Lowell finishes their 3 game road stretch at Main where they look to get back over the .500 mark.