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Live Stream: Loyola Marymount Faces Off Against Pacific Tigers

Two teams look to get things heading in the right direction and out of the cellar of the WCC on Thursday night as Loyola Marymount and Pacific face off in a battle for relevance.

Thanks to Campus Insiders, and the University of the Pacific, we are pleased to bring you this live stream of Thursday night's game between the Loyola Marymount Lions and the Pacific Tigers.

Loyola Marymount went from the top of the standings to the bottom in the space of three weeks. Six long losses later, they have a chance to change that trend as they face off against conference newcomer Pacific.

The Tigers have also had a type of split personality disorder as they showed off some talent during the nonconference season, only to see that same skill disappear when entering the WCC. The Tigers are coming off a loss to St. Mary's that saw them blow a 10-point lead late in the first half.

So can the Tigers get it together Thursday against Loyola Marymount, or will the Lions finally get back on the winning side? Find out here at 7 p.m. Pacific.