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Video: La Salle vs. George Washington Atlantic 10 Preview

La Salle and George Washington face off in one of the biggest battles in the Atlantic 10 tonight. Our friends at Campus Insiders previewed the game earlier Wednesday

Thanks to Campus Insiders, we are pleased to present this preview of tonight's Atlantic 10 matchup between the La Salle Explorers and the George Washington Colonials.

Tonight's game looks to be a major matchup in terms of La Salle staying in the hunt for the conference title. Three losses in the league, with some very tough games still to come could put them out of contention for the regular season crown.

The Explorers will also have to overcome some shaky play during the nonconference slate to find themselves back in contention for an NCAA bid.

Of course, all of that is provided they don't make a run in the A-10 Tournament, something that we have seen in the past from teams that were not in the top quarter of the conference. (Remeber St. Bonaventure!)

What do our friends at Campus Insiders think? Find out in this video presentation of their preview.