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Long Island's Julian Boyd's Career Over After Third Knee Injury

Long Island's frontcourt will be handicapped for the remainder of the year after the news that Julian Boyd's career is over after reinjuring his knee as he worked to return to the court.

Julian Boyd is OK, but his career is over at Long Island.
Julian Boyd is OK, but his career is over at Long Island.
Kevin C. Cox

Julian Boyd has some of the worst luck.

The Long Island senior was working his way back from a knee injury that he suffered over the summer - another tear in the ACL of the knee he injured during a game against Rice back in 2012.

This time it was practice that did him in. Doesn't he know that you are supposed to avoid practice like the plague?

There will be no more Boyd, who finishes as the 11th best scorer all-time for the Blackbirds. He is 6th on the all-time rebounding list. There is no telling what he could have done had he not missed almost an entire season due to injury.

At the time of the Rice game, Boyd was leading a team that was looking like it was finally turning a corner after an 0-4 start. They had three players who were combining into a force despite a record that didn't show. They looked on their way.

But that didn't happen, and this year had been a struggle without Boyd, the one-time Player of the Year in the Northeast Conference.

The statements of appreciation for Boyd's play, which admittedly, we were able to see too little of because of his injury, don't just come from his coach, but the writers who watched him most closely:

Jack Perri, Long Island head coach:

"I feel so badly for Julian, he has worked tirelessly over the past year to rehabilitate his knee. He was determined to make it back on the court in whatever capacity he could. He has such an incredible work ethic that you thought if anyone could do it, he could. I just can't help but feel sick with all that he has gone through and had to deal with over his career. He is truly a special person and competitor that helped LIU Brooklyn basketball achieve unparalleled heights."

From Ryan Peters:

From Ron Ratner:

From John Templon:

And from Andrew Chiappazzi, maybe the best tribute, one of Boyd's signature dunks:

The good news is that Boyd seems to be taking the end of his career lightly. He might even go see a movie.